• The ONLY Asian event dedicated to Cocoa and Coffee
  •   Co Hosted By:AICE
  •   20+ Global and Asian market outlook sessions
Konferensi Kopi dan Kakao Indonesia 2015 »

Indonesia is not only the world’s third largest Cocoa producer but also largest Cocoa producer in Asia with 530,000 MT/year.  Surging demand in consumption of chocolate in Asia is pushing cocoa beans prices at the highest level whilst US$237.1 million investment has poured in for the construction of local grinding facilities with a combined capacity of 310,000 tons.

The country is also the third largest Robusta exporter in the world, and its Arabica bean is also in strong demand in the global market. Famous for its coffee varieties and single origin production, Indonesia expects its coffee exports to increase to US$1.4 billion in 2014.   

The future coffee and cocoa center of the world welcomes the global industry to Jakarta for Indonesia’s ONLY event on both Coffee and Cocoa crops. Supported by key Government decision makers and Industry bodies, the conference will be your one stop shop for trade, policy and investment, and lead the way in establishing partnerships for your business.

Agenda at a Glance

  • Global supply, demand and price outlook
  • Indonesian Government’s cocoa and coffee policy update
  • Regional cocoa traders roundtable -  spotlight on production, price and consumption
  • Regional coffee traders roundtable – Market outlook and Traders as sustainability agents through value added services
  • Chocolate market outlook and implications for Cocoa demand
  • Coffee consumption trends impacting demand
  • Cocoa and coffee procurement roundtable - views on procurement, processing and investment
  • Sustainability and certification
  • Cocoa and coffee markets financing
  • Analysts outlook for competitive crop pricing and what it will mean for cocoa and coffee plantations
  • New investment incentives for increasing plantation acreage and downstream processing

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Featured Speakers

Irfan Anwar, Chairman, Association of Indonesia Coffee Exporters and Industries (AEKI-AICE: Asosiasi Eksportir dan Industri Kopi Indonesia), President Director, Coffindo

Saurabh Suri
General Manager – Cocoa, Olam International

Pranoto Soenarto
Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, PT Excelso Multi Rasa
Fay Fay Choo
Asia Cocoa Director, Mars

Lukas Jasman
Chief Operating Officer, BT Cocoa

Julio Sera
Senior Risk Management Consultant, INTL FC Stone

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